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Pure Bordeaux Goblet, Set of 2

Schott Zwiesel

Regular price ₱1,930

Add a contemporary accent to your table with Pure stemware. Characterized by a dramatically angled bowl and a dignified stem, Pure is perfect for postmodern tabletops.

Despite its filigree contours, Pure is more robust and dishwasher-safe than most glasses – you can rely on that with Tritan crystal glass. With Pure, you show yourself to be modern and quality-conscious because even enjoyment calls for connoisseurship!

Height: 267mm 10,5"
Diameter: 94mm 3,7"
Capacity: 680ml 23,0 oz
Machine Made in Germany
Tritan Crystal – Internationally patented – brilliant, dishwasher, and break-resistant.

Set of 2 glasses.

Please Note: The diameter measurement signifies the widest point of the glass whether it be foot, bowl, or rim primarily to aid with racking purposes.