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Bordeaux Legends: 1855 First Growth Wines

Bordeaux Legends: 1855 First Growth Wines

Jane Anson

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Elixirs 1855 traces the history of the estates of the five world-renowned Bordeaux Premier Crus and, more generally, that of wine trading in Bordeaux. In five centuries of history, the life of these five legendary castles.

Chronologically and thematically, Jane Anson shows from the inside what it means to be a "Premier Cru": its history, what makes the quality of wine and what this implies for the army of merchants, dealers and wine lovers, which has continued to expand in the shade of their grape varieties.

By retracing the stages that marked the path towards the consecration of the best wines in the world, the book also explores the new realities that characterize them today and their place in the world market for quality wines.

A professor at the Bordeaux Wine School, Jane Anson is a correspondent in Bordeaux for the wine magazine The Decanter. She participated for the Bordeaux and South West region in Wine Opus, the largest illustrated wine encyclopedia written for 30 years (2010). Jane Anson is also the only author contributing to the Guide Michelin des Régions de Vin de France and contributes regularly to the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong). She has also written more than a dozen guides, especially on the South West region.

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