2009 Carbonnieux Blanc 75CL – Wine Story

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2009 Carbonnieux Blanc 75CL

2009 Carbonnieux Blanc 75CL


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Wine Rating: RP 90-92 points
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Because of both time and space constraints, I am not able to provide tasting notes for the 2009 dry white Bordeaux, but it is an extremely strong vintage. Most Châteaux equaled the dazzling quality of the 2007 dry whites. That said, the 2009s tend to be less classic than 2007, but more exotic, honeyed, and higher in alcohol, with compelling richness. The 2009s will probably have a shorter evolutionary curve, but these wines tend to last a long time, even in a vintage such as this. They are fascinating dry white wines.

The name Carbonnieux is said to come from a family called "Carbonius" or "Carbonnieu" who cleared and cultivated land near Leognan at the beginning of the 13th century. The name Ramon Carbonnieu, the owner of vines at Leognan in 1234, is indeed mentioned in the archives of Bordeaux. The medieval origins of the estate were confirmed by a deed of exchange dated April 2, 1292 signed by two monks from the powerful Sainte-Croix abbey in Bordeaux.

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