Palmer Historical XIXth Century Wine Lot 2016 75CL


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In the 19th century, it was a common practice to “hermitage” the wines. Bordeaux Châteaux would add to their wines a certain quantity of wine from the Rhône – notably from the region of Hermitage – whose Syrah would strengthen the structure and power of the claret. A few bottles can still be found dating back to this period, whose labels note the name of the Cru and the word Hermitagé, all from vintages preceding the AOC regulations which finally ended this practice.

Then in the 21st century, Château Palmer came up with the idea of bringing this forgotten tradition back to life. Years ago, during a visit to a renowned collector in California, Thomas Duroux, the director of the property, had the rare opportunity to taste a 19th century Bordeaux Hermitagé. The emotions experienced that day, in the presence of a wine more than a century old, have been fully expressed in the renaissance of Palmer’s own Hermitagé, the Historical XIXth Century Wine. A definitively historic wine, whose name honors the storied past of the great wines of Bordeaux.

Yet today, the aim is no longer to simply boost a meagre claret so as to give it muscle, but rather to create a unique wine, combining wine from Palmer and a small measure of a great wine from the northern Côtes du Rhône.

Due to the labeling laws in Bordeaux, the wine needs to be sold as Vin de Table as not all the grapes come from Bordeaux or Palmer. Also, Palmer and their Château logo has been removed from their historic label for the same reason. As a Vin de Table, the wine does not carry a vintage date. But, when you look at the bottom of the label, the lot no.L 20.16 corresponds to the vintage date, 2016. The top of the capsule reads XIX.