Coravin™ Wine Access System Model 2 Elite Gift Pack


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The Coravin Model Two Elite is the perfect way for stylish and savvy wine aficionados to savor a perfect glass of wine without pulling the cork. The Model Two Elite is the ultimate fusion of luxury and technology and will make the perfect pairing with any kitchen.

Coravin Wine Needle – specially designed to be gentle on your corks and pour wine both quickly and smoothly.

Properfit Clamp – the system’s easy-to-squeeze clamp with textured rubber grips, fits snuggly around the bottle neck, ensuring a secure hold and effortless pour.

Load Cell Technology – the capsule-loading chamber creates the perfect amount of force for an airtight seal, ensuring no gas escapes.

Premium Coravin Capsules – contain more than 99.99% pure argon gas to protect the remaining wine from oxidation. One capsule may pour up to 30 glasses of wine.

The set includes:

  • Coravin Model 2 Elite, 1 unit
  • Coravin Aerator, 1 piece
  • Coravin Capsules, 4 pieces
  • Coravin Screw Cap, 2 pieces
  • Coravin Three Needle Set, 1 set each of Standard, Fast Pour and Vintage
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